You are currently viewing DESTRUCTION – Veröffentlichen “Diabolical“ Studio Session Video

DESTRUCTION – Veröffentlichen “Diabolical“ Studio Session Video

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SCHMIER und seine neu formierten DESTRUCTION geben einen Einblick in die Arbeit im Studio zur neuen Scheibe  “Diabolical“. Natürlich hört ihr darin auch Musikschnipsel, dessen was euch erwartet. Die erste Auskopplung ‘No Faith in Humanity‘ soll Ende des Monats erschienen, das Album dann am 08. April.

SCHMIER erzählt:

This was the most fun we had working on a record in a very long time and you can hear that. Yes. it was theoretically a difficult album but we did not think this way while we recorded it. We just followed our emotions, jammed and rocked out with a strong gut feeling! This recording was like a therapy to me, we all know how difficult the times are at the moment. So I m super happy how everything turned out!“

Gitarrist DAMIR fügt hinzu:

”It was a real honor for me to record this album. The studio work for „Diabolical“ was very spontaneous and we had a lot of fun creating these dynamic, multifaceted and brutal but diverse songs. I loved every second working on this record!“