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DESERTED FEAR – Covern IN FLAMES ‘Artifacts Of The Black Rain‘

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Die deutsche Death Metal Unit DESERTED FEAR bringen nach ’Funeral Of The Earth’ eine neue Digitalsingle heraus, die zuvor nur als B-Seite der auf 500 Stück limitierten 7-inch erhältlich war. Das Original von ‘Artifacts Of The Black Rain’ erschien 1996 auf dem IN FLAMES Album “The Jester Race”.

Warum das Trio sich eine Coverversion ausgesucht hat, erklärt Gitarrist Fabian so:

„For the B-Side of the EP we wanted to cover a song from another band, something we did live all the time in our early days because we didn’t have enough own songs to play a full set, haha. And in the studio we also didn’t cover a song in a long time!“

Mahne (Manuel Glatter) ergänzt:

„We chose an old In Flames song, because not only for us, but also for many other bands our age, the early In Flames albums were very influential and we learned a lot from them, especially on the guitar!“