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DEMONICAL – enthüllen `We Conquer The Throne` Video

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Die Anhänger des schwedischen Todesmetalls bringen am 06. Mai ihr siebtes Studioalbum “Mass Destroyer” und damit den Nachfolger zu „World Domination“ heraus. Im Video gilt es nach `Fallen Mountain` die nächste Auskopplung `We Conquer the Throne` zu bewundern.

Die Band über die neue Scheibe:

„A huge inspirational boost hit us so why waste time and wait? Just hammer while the metal is hot. The outcome is here, our seventh full-length and another vicious Demonical assault of Stockholm-style death metal madness and beyond. Once again and as always, we wanted to crawl back in time and explore the early days of death metal but with traces and hints of various other metallic subgenres. We worked with the same production team as last time and the result turned out nothing but great. A dynamic and breathing album we all feel very satisfied and proud off. Can’t wait to destroy the masses!“