You are currently viewing DEATHCOLLECTOR (Ex- Bolt Thrower, Memoriam Member) – Neue Auskopplung: `Mental Hedonist`

DEATHCOLLECTOR (Ex- Bolt Thrower, Memoriam Member) – Neue Auskopplung: `Mental Hedonist`

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DEATHCOLLECTOR sind ehemalige Mitglieder von Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Ashen Crown, Zealot Cult, die zusammen natürlich britischen Old School Death ballern. Nachdem die Band bereits `A Taste of Ichor` vorgestellt hatten,  erscheint jetzt die zweite Vorabauskopplung `Mental Hedonist` als Clip. Der erste gemeinsame Longplayer “Death’s Toll“ wird am 23. Juni mit seinen insgesamt neun Songs herauskommen.

Growler Kieran Scott erklärt `Mental Hedonist` wie folgt:

„We are excited to show this side to our sound with ‚Mental Hedonist‘! This song is about addictive narcissism, beauty industry standards, toxic fashion industry, projected delusion and forcibly altering one’s self mentally and physically to fit an image forced upon you against your own will, health and wellbeing and ultimately becoming addicted to being not yourself and gaining twisted escapist pleasure from it, this song has a more modern edge to it with our signature DeathCollector sound. we want people reflecting upon the things we do to ourselves sold to us by charlatans delusion of betterment that have a fatal toll on our minds and body.“




  1. Death’s Toll
  2. Mental Hedonist
  3. DeathCollector
  4. Coarse Visions
  5. Terrorizer
  6. A Taste of Ichor
  7. Internal Expansion
  8. Revel In The Gore
  9. Rearview Guilt