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DEATH „Overactive Imagination“ von OVERKILL & DEATH TO ALL

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OVERKILL Drummer Jason Bittner hat zusammen mit Bobby Koeble (DEATH TO ALL) Felipe Roa und Steve DiGiorgio gerade sein zweites Quarantäne-Video losgelassen. Nach `Wake Up Dead` von MEGADETH folgt jetzt DEATHs ‘Overactive Imagination’. Absolut sehehenswerte Version eines großartigen Songs!


Jason Bittner dazu:

„So there you have it folks, we put a lot of work into this one because we absolutely love this band in every incarnation, and I am proud to say that I am friends with a lot of the people who have played in their ranks so…….so this one goes out to…… Terry Butler, James Murphy, Richard Christy, and Gene Hoglan. Lastly, a moment to remember past members Scott Clendenin, my former bandmate and friend Ralph Santolla, my longtime friend and mentor Sean Reinert, and lastly the one and only Chuck Schuldiner for being one of the greatest songwriters to ever grace the Metal world!!“