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DEATH DEALER – ’Running with the Wolves’ Video

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DEATH DEALER von ROSS THE BOSS haben einen zweiten Track, nämlich ’Running with the Wolves’ als Preview für ihr angekündigtes drittes Album “Conquered Lands”rausgebracht. Die Band verspricht viel für die im November erscheinende Scheibe.

Ross: “‘Conquered Lands’ has a lot of heavy fast stuff on it but this song really has a rocking vibe and  great energy.  It is one of my personal favorites on our new record.

Sean: “It is always a challenge to decide what songs to do videos for when you are promoting a record. I dig the hook on it and it is a fun song about being in Death Dealer. I always like bands that do songs about kicking ass. I was cracking myself up as I wrote the lyrics. It goes back to the KISS days I would say even.”

Stu: “We had a ton of footage from that great tour and the video captures the crazy energy we generate at these shows and how the crowd reacts to the band and our songs. I am really looking forward to playing these new songs of ‘Conquered Lands’ live eventually.”