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DAWNRIDER – Doom Unit zeigt neues ‘The Final Call‘ Video

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“The Fourth Dawn“, der neue Longplayer der Classic Doom Unit DAWNRIDER, erscheint am 18. Februar. Die Portugiesen veröffentlichen im Vorfeld ihren Track ‘The Final Call‘ und erklären dazu:

 “The Final Call is a reminder how close we are constantly walking toward the abyss. Also, it recalls us about our frailties and how misguided we can be with certain questions. Nevertheless, our lives are made of choices and either we choose to stand or to submit. It’s your choice. Whether facing the absence of light or lost in the wild amongst wolves, in Doom we trust. Beware! The rise of The Order of Dawn is imminent.“



  1. A Farewell To Hope
  2. Order Of Dawn
  3. Reaching Glory
  4. Unwanted Sorrows
  5. Those Who Parted
  6. The Final Call
  7. Lord