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Der BENEDICTION und ex- BOLT THROWER Shouter hat offensichtlich noch Zeit für ein Projekt. HELLFROST AND FIRE wird offenbar Anfang 2021 ein Debütalbum mit dem Namen “Fire, Frost And Hell“ herausbringen und an eine Mischung aus Celtic Frost und Film-Epos darstellen.
Neben Dave beteiligt sind außerdem Rick Dennis (Gath) Gitarre/Bass, Travis Ruvo (Cropsy Maniac, Echelon) Schlagzeug. Scott Fairfax von Memoriam steuert wohl Soli bei.

Dave zu dem Projekt:

“Tom G called… he wants his ‘UH!’ back. Well, I suppose that’s one way of describing the Hellfrost And Fire sound. I have been a lifelong fan of Tom’s work and when the opportunity to emulate something that means SO much to me, and influenced me to start working in music… it was something not to be missed. … The debut HF&F is a lyrical concept album, about a fictional realm called Meridian. Try and imagine Game Of Thrones meets Celtic Frost, with some Hellhammer in there too. We didn’t want a polished production, but something that had the feel of those old tape trading days, but with the necessary clarity. And fear not, Jonny Pettersson did a sterling job in that department. We’re over the moon to be a part of the Transcending Obscurity family, and I personally look forward to working with Kunal and the TOR team once more.“