You are currently viewing DARKENED (Grave, Memoriam Member) – veröffentlichen ‚Black Winter‘ Single

DARKENED (Grave, Memoriam Member) – veröffentlichen ‚Black Winter‘ Single

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Das international besetzte Death Metal Unit DARKENED veröffentlicht am 07. Januar 2022 die EP „Mourn the Dying Light“. Drummer Andy Whale (Memoriam, Bolt Thrower), Fronter Gord Olson (Ye Goat-Herd Gods, Demisery), die beiden Gitarristen Linus Nirbrant (A Canorous Quintet, This Ending) und Hempa Brynolfsson (Excruciate, Ordo Inferus) sowie der neue Bassist Tobias Cristiansson (Grave, Dismember) präsentieren vorab die Single ‚Black Winter‘.

Die Band sagt über ‚Black Winter‘:

„This song continues on from where Kingdom Of Decay ended, and clearly sets the tone for the upcoming album. Pushing even further into lyrical darkness, foreboding heaviness, wistful melody, and murderous aggression, Darkened are forging old-school death metal in a melancholic landscape.“