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Schwedens DARK TRANQUILITY trennen sich, offenbar ohne Streit, von ihrem Gitarristen CHRISTOPHER AMOTT, der 2020 dazustieß und  auf dem letzten Album “Moment“ zu hören ist. Damit verbleibt Johan Reinholdz vorerst als einzige Gitarrist. Für die anstehenden Livegigs, soll Joey Concepcion verpflichtet worden sein.

Der Originalbeitrag von DARK TRANQUILITY:

“We are sad to announce that Chris Amott is leaving the band to pursue his own musical path. It has been an honor and a pleasure to play with him and we are parting amicably.

To fill in for him in the near future we will have the awesome shredder Joey Concepcion joining us for the rest of the summer.

Our mission stays the same – to explore this melancholy that neighbours to rage. A path forged by all members of Dark Tranquillity – past and present. There may be some new faces on stage but in our extended family, much is the same. Niklas Sundin is still setting our visual tonality and Martin Henriksson is still our manager.

Our next task will be to record our 13th album this fall. We are super excited about the material and can’t wait to bring it to you.”


CHRIS veröffentlichte gestern dieses Statement:

Hi everyone. I’ve made the decision to leave Dark Tranquillity. There’s no bad blood at all, but it’s time for me to concentrate on some new music that I’m very proud of! I’d like to thank the guys (and the fans!) for all the years of great gigs, and I wish them the absolute best. I’ll see you all sometime soon!




Photo Credit: Daniel Falk