You are currently viewing DARK SKY – Melodic Power Hymne im `Signs Of The Time` Video

DARK SKY – Melodic Power Hymne im `Signs Of The Time` Video

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Die altgedienten süddeutschen Metaller DARK SKY veröffentlichen ihren Titeltrack des nächsten Longplayers `Signs Of The Time` und kredenzen dabei Melodic Power Metal mit Hymnencharakter.

Drummer Stefan Grimm sagt über `Signs Of The Time`

​“Erkenne die Zeichen der Zeit! Manchmal kommen Dinge, mit denen man nicht rechnet. Manchmal kommen Dinge, die man sich wünscht. Dinge ändern sich im Laufe des Lebens. Mal zum Guten, mal zum Schlechten. Aber man darf nie aufgeben, für das zu kämpfen, was man sich wünscht!“




I guess you feel the wetness as you´re walking in the rain

Hold your hand over the flame might ´cause a bit of pain

But even if things sometimes seem so perfect and so clear

People just act differently close their eyes and block their ears


Help me! I wanna get out of here

Tell me ´cause I guess the end is near


Signs of the time – when the truth turns into lie

But we spend our time so senseless every day

Signs of the time – when the righteous all must die

No, can´t believe it or am I going insane


I believe showing attitude will canonize all sins

But if you dare to criticize a witch hunt will begin

Well, science is gonna tell you what their sponsors wanna hear

And they just sacrifice everything to hold on to their career


But how did it happen in an age of education

With cute little lies as a daily temptation