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DAETH DAEMON – Deather bolzen durch `Feasting The Swines`

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Die deutsch-österreichische OSDM-Combo DAETH DAEMON veröffentlicht ihren Longplay-Einstand „Span Of Æons“ am 18. März. Einen ersten Vorgeschmack liefert der Track `Feasting The Swines` im Clip.

Die Band über den neuen Dreher:

“SPAN OF ÆONS is the result of our enforced period of isolation last year. After the release of The Skleleton Spectre EP (Bloodblast Distr./Believe) in April 2020 we remained busy with constant songwriting and rehearsal sessions. What emerged out of this is a wealth of new material, which shimmers with a directness and vibrancy that comes from the spontaneous connection during the rehearsal sessions that took place from August `til November 2020.”