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DAATH – Neue `Ascension` Videosingle der US Deather ist online

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Am 03. Mai veröffentlichen die Tech/Melodic Death Metaller DAATH ihr neues Full Length Album “The Deceivers“ von dem sie heute nach ihrer recht straighten Single `Hex Unending` die zweite Auskopplung `Ascension´ samt Video veröffentlicht haben.

Gitarrist Eyal Levi über den Song:

“This song is a beast. Riffs for days, brutality and groove, there are soaring solos all over the place, plus, it’s peppered with parallel universe Danny Elfman moments.”

Und Jesse Zuretti (Gitarre, Keyboard, Orchestrierungen) fügt hinzu:

“Rarely is it true to be taken on a ride with music; let ‘Ascension’ prove its validity by guiding you through warping passages, orchestral fidelity, uncommonly creative musicianship, and uncontested power. ‘Ascension’ is the year’s mindfuck, carrying the listener from different realms of musical identity, showcasing talent to points that’ll make you think it’s otherworldly. Of all of the tracks you’ll hear in 2024, this will be one you’ll be revisiting the most whilst scratching your head in disbelief.”


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