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D-A-D – Zwei neue Songs sind online: `The Ghost` & `1st, 2nd & 3rd`

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D-A-D,die dänischen Hard Rock Größen mit stets hohem Unterhaltungswert stellen heute gleich zwei Tracks, namentlich `The Ghost` und  `1st, 2nd & 3rd`vor. Die Songs gehören zu ihrem dreizehnten Studioalbum “ Speed Of Darkness“ das am 04. Oktober erscheinen soll.


Jesper Binzer erklärt:

”For the first time in three to four albums, I am totally excited about our material, and I look forward to going into the studio every single day. We have an excess of both songs and ideas, and this is a place that I have wanted to reach with the last three to four D-A-D albums. It’s crazy how things are circular that way. I thought that everything was done, and I thought that we were just old guys who were doing whatever we could, but a new necessity has arisen,” he feels and adds that cooperation is the operative word. There is no Kim Larsen (a famous Danish musician) in D-A-D, but four Franz Beckerlees. We are forced to cooperate, since none of us can do it all, and that’s also beautiful. New flowers are added to the bouquet every time we gather up in the studio.” About both two new songs, the band states: ”‘The Ghost’ is an epic banger that shines a light both behind and ahead. There is a Scandinavian melancholy in our universe. A song about separated love, loss and hope in a fragmented time. About holding on to something that may come, or which may already have disappeared.“





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