You are currently viewing CURSE OF CAIN – `Blame` im offiziellen Livevideo

CURSE OF CAIN – `Blame` im offiziellen Livevideo

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Schwedens Masken Metaller CURSE OF CAIN haben ein offizielles Livevideo für den Track  `Blame` vom ebenfalls „Curse Of Cain“  betitelten Debütalbum veröffentlicht. Damit bereitet die Band ihre Fans auf kommende Liveaktivitäten vor.

Die Band erklärt:

 „This excerpt is taken from the first time we were on stage together, trying to figure out if this would work at all! It was quite a challenge to don full costumes and perform. The filming took place during the last months of the pandemic, and it was recorded live without an audience. The entire experience was undoubtedly different, to say the least, but we had an absolute blast!“