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CRYPTOPSY – `Godless Deceiver` zur Albumveröffentlichung

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Die Brutal Death Metaller CRYPTOPSY veröffentlichen heute ihr Langeisen ”As Gomorrah Burns”. Zur Feier des Tages streamen die Kanadier den gnadenlosen Song `Godless Deceiver`, der auf einer offenbar wahren Geschichte beruht.

Frontröhre Matt McGachy erzählt über den Track:

“The lyrics of Godless Deceiver are extremely vulgar and disgusting. As I was doing research for the album, I came across the story of Fabiane Maria de Jesus. A 33 year old woman from Guarujá, Brazil, which is a city outside of São Paulo. “She was brutally murdered by a mob of people that thought she was responsible of kidnappings in the area, following a Facebook post by a local news outlet. The newspaper reported that a woman had been seen abducting children, and many believed her motivation was witchcraft. A sketch of the woman the news outlet claimed was a child abductor was included with the alert, and resembled the victim. It turns out in the end that she was innocent. This group of vigilantes killed her for no reason whatsoever. It really brings into light the importance of never trusting what you see, read or hear about on the internet. “I decided to write the lyrics from the mobs perspective, which is why they are simplistic. Brutal lyrics about an extremely violent act. The mob never questions if they are doing the right thing, they just acted in unison. “It is one of the nastiest song I have ever written.”