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CRYPTA – mit neuem Track `I Resign` und Debüt-Re-Release

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Das brasilianisch-holländische Death/ThrashUnit CRYPTA präsentiert den nagelneuen Song `I Resign` und kündigt gleichzeitig ein Re-Issue von ihrem Debütalbum “Echoes Of The Soul” an, welches dann als exklusives Bundle als „Back From The Crypt Edition plus Bonus `I Resign`7-Inch ab dem 01. April erhältlich sein wird.

Tainà Bergamaschi (Gitarre) erklärt:

“’I Resign‘ is a song that features elements from most of our main influences, along with characteristics from both our previously released album Echoes of the Soul and the new material we’ve been writing. We tried to blend epic melodies followed by aggressive riffs throughout the track, which, combined with the lyrics, tell a story of despair.”

Bassistin/Sängerin Fernanda Lira ergänzt:

“We thought unveiling an unreleased track right now would be a great way of gifting our fans with something nice while they wait for our tours to start! Also, the lyrics, which are more current than ever, are a good food-for-thought while listening to this very special song for us.”