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CRUSADE OF BARDS – Symphonic Pirate Metal im ‚The Red Charade‘ Lyric Video

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Der spanische Symphonic Pirate Metalact CRUSADE OF BARDS bringt am 18. Februar 2022 seinen Zweitling „Tales of The Seven Seas“ auf den Markt. Als ersten Eindruck gibt es die Single ‚The Red Charade‘ Lyric Video.

Die Band erklärt zum neuen Track:

“This song was one of the last ones to come up in the pre-production of the album but immediately stuck in our heads and we knew it would become a single. Its baroque-like riff, upbeat tempo, and the pauses almost gave the song a heartbeat of its own. Keyboardist Paolo Andreotti states: “The lyrics were also the more genuine to come up, without much preparation, without the historical research of the others. It felt almost like they were already buried in the song and I was just digging them up”. We all love different cultures and folklore and we think that the globalization that started with colonialism and imperialism has made it harder to appreciate all the different aspects of them. The Red Charade is this travesty that oligarchs disguise as a victory while their hands are full of the blood of innocent people.”

Und über die Scheibe:

“With this album, we want to make a statement, we want the fans to really understand who Crusade of Bards is both musically and visually. We want them to open their minds, join us on our journeys through space and time, discover new stories and understand that we, as human beings, have changed very little. Our sins, our mistakes, our victories, and our feelings are not new or undiscovered. They are just there, floating on the ocean, waiting for us to collect them”.