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CRUSADE OF BARDS – Feiern Album mit ‘Vento Aureo’ Video

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Symphonic Pirate Metal nennen die Spanier CRUSADE OF BARDS ihre Musik, die sie jetzt auf dem zweiten Album “Tales of the Seven Seas” veröffentlicht haben. Dazu passend auch das Video zum Song ‘Vento Aureo’.

Die Band erklärt:

„The choice of Vento Aureo as one of our singles and for a video clip was pretty simple. This is the song that better defines what Crusade of Bards has grown to be. You get the pure angelical vocals, the deep growls, the big extravaganza of the orchestra, the catchy chorus, and the raise-your-fists moment. The grandeur of Venice and its ability to expand in a time of wars and political fights with class and diplomacy is also a great reflection of the spirit of the band and how we embark on our journey not comparing to others, but rather trying to be our best version possible without boundaries, without limits.”



Titelfoto: Nat Enemede