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CRUACHAN – Videosingle der Folk-Metaller`The Children` ist online

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31 Jahre hat die irische Folk-Metal-Band aus Dublin, CRUACHAN, mittlerweile auf dem berühmten Buckel und dabei einige Ups and Downs erlebt.  Jetzt melden sich die Mitbegründer des Genres mit ihrer Kirchenkritischen Single`The Children` zurück, zu dem ihr hier das Lyricvideo sehen könnt. Der Song stammt vom aktuellen Longplayer “ The Living And The Dead“.


Bandgründer Keith Fay sagt über die Auskopplung:

The Children is a hard hitting song. Lyrically I wrote this as a childrens nursery rhyme, it’s jolly and happy … just as children should be, but the song takes a very dark turn towards the end. This song is another tribute to those poor souls who died at the hands of the Catholic church in Ireland, in the many Magdalen Laundries and Mother and Baby homes. There was so much suffering inflicted on these women and children by a cult that claims to love them and care for them. I can’t undo what has been done to these children, but I can write about them and ensure other people hear their story and be made aware of their suffering. ‚The Children‘ – for those who died!“