You are currently viewing CROBOT – erste neue Single verspricht `Better Times`

CROBOT – erste neue Single verspricht `Better Times`

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Die US-amerikanischen, aus Pennsylvania stammenden Hardrocker CROBOT stellen am 3. Juni ihren neuesten Studiodreher „Feel This“ vor. Die erste Offenbarung daraus ist der Gute-Laune-Song `Better Times` samt Videoclip.

Sänger Brandon Yeagley jubelt:

“No need to search any further, #Beardos! Better Times are here to stay! You know we wouldn’t have it any other way. Buckle up and strap it down because Crobot is comin’ back to town. And with smiles on our faces, we’ve got all the right grooves that hit in all the right places. So, grab your junk – food that is – and tune into this special sneak preview of the studio, kids! See you out there this Spring for some ass shakin, ear smackin’ thangs! Ca-caaaaawwwww!”

Und über „Feel This“:

„This is the record we’ve been wanting to do ever since we started. We’ve always thought of ourselves as a live act,“ he continues. „When Jay Ruston described his process of recording, we were beyond excited about getting in and getting our hands dirty. It involved performing live as a unit and finishing all instruments on a song before moving on to the next. We recorded 16 songs in 21 days, which is a feat in itself.“