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CRISIX – `Macarena Mosh` Videoerelease

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Die katalanischen Thrasher von CRISIX haben ihren “Full HD“ Longplayer für den 15. April angekündigt und bringen nach `Speak Your Truth’ das Musikvideo zu `Macarena Mosh` heraus. Good thrashing fun!




Remember what we said? Did you read the manifesto?

Get ready for a comeback

The sequel you didn’t ask for

Time for part II, we still need mosh


You don’t need to learn the steps, enjoy the dance

Swim in a collective trance

Check around yourself

How people mosh it up

Nobody really gives a fuck!


Stretch out first

Warm it up or loose your neck

Show your moves

Break the floor against your back


Let’s go with the first dance!



El baile de la muerte

The Dance of Death

El baile de la muerte

We call it Macarena Mosh

El baile de la muerte!

The Dance of Death!

El baile de la muerte!

We call it Macarena…


Sunday’s family dinner, do you know my grandma’s plan?

We’ll shotgun all the cans

Mama and papa are joining, destroying all the place

How cool my parents are, They got their necks displaced


A living dynamo, cathartic mighty dance

No matter when or where

During breakfast, in the shower

Even while you’re having sex


Are you ready for the next dance?

Here comes Macarena Mosh!

At the office, in the elevator

In the weirdest place you think

Can’t stop spinning! Breaking all!

Like Gojira in Tokyo!


¡El baile! ¡El baile de la muerte!

The dance of death! ¡El baile de la muerte!

We call it Macarena Mosh!


This is the dance that makes you fly

Best survival therapy

This dance is the real shit

Come and join us

Enjoy the Macarena Mosh


Are you ready for the last fucking dance?