You are currently viewing CRAZY LIXX – ’Anthem For America’ Video zum kommenden Album

CRAZY LIXX – ’Anthem For America’ Video zum kommenden Album

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Die schwedischen Glam Rocker CRAZY LIXX schicken sich an im November ihr neuestes Album „Street Lethal“ zu veröffentlichen und bedienen sich im ersten Video zur Platte aller erdenklichen Klischees der 80er Jahre LA Szene. Guter Party-Rock ist es trotzdem oder vielleicht auch gerade deshalb.

Sänger Danny Rexon verpackt dies folgendermaßen:

„‚Anthem for America‘ is a call to action for the youth of the US, who seem to have lost touch with rock music. It’s a tongue in cheek reminder of how the US used to be the greatest rock n‘ roll nation in the world and it’s up to the kids of today to ‚Make America Rock Again‘. Musically, we wanted to pay tribute to the sound, attitude, flair, & groove of the great hair metal anthems of the 80’s/early 90’s,“




What happened to the youth of the USA – Can you help me understand

You used to be the model of non-conformity – Now it’s all the same, oh


They’ve got you playin’ their game – But it don’t really matter

All for the money and fame – You gotta’ take it back


From the west coast waters to the New York streets – I hear it calling me

For the sons and daughters – Of the wild and free

Can you feel the beat – Rock is all you need


Somebody pulled the plug ‘round 1993 – And it’s never been the same

Trash corporate radio – Soap opera MTV – You can do much better


Don’t let them make up your mind – Like the millions of others

Stand up, don’t fall back in line – You gotta’ take it back


From the Texas border ‘cross the USA – I hear it calling me

All the sons and daughters – All you wild and free – Can you still believe