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CRADLE OF FILTH –Veröffentlichen ‘Necromantic Fantasies‘ Video-Single

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Dark Metaller CRADLE OF FILTH melden sich mit der zweiten Video-Single vom „Existence Is Futile“ Album, das am 22. Oktober erscheint und bei dem Doug ‚Pinhead‘ Bradley wieder in den Reihen der Band auftaucht. Wie immer ist das entsprechende Video sehr opulent ausgefallen.

Bankopf Dani Filth sagt zur neuesten Kreation:
„This is a very different video from its predecessor, sporting more of a narrative amid leaning back toward a dark Victorian gothic vibe, showcasing the second of many unique tracks on this, our 13th album.  It’s very cinematic, much like Crawling King Chaos, but walking a much more ‚dark faerytale‘ path. The director Vicente has done such an amazing job bringing the storyline together with the band and the incredible sets. It looks gorgeous. And the song is pretty good too!“

und führt über das Album selbst aus:

„The album is about existentialism, existential dread and fear of the unknown,“ The concept wasn’t created by the pandemic. We’d written it long before that began and it is really but the tip of the mountain as far as the way the world is headed, you know? I guess the title, »Existence Is Futile«, does sound a little morbid. But again, it’s more about recognising that truth and saying that everything is permitted because nothing really matters, which mimics the occultist Aleister Crowley’s maxim. We all know we’re going to die, so we might as well indulge life while we possess it. The final track on the album – ‚Us, Dark, Invincible‘ – really drives that point home. Also, the artwork for this record was created by the Latvian visionary Arthur Berzinsh, who also dressed the last two albums, and that reeks of the exceedingly beautiful yet apocalyptic too.“