You are currently viewing CRADLE OF FILTH – `Demon Prince Regent´ Livevideo zum „Trouble and Their Double Lives“ Release

CRADLE OF FILTH – `Demon Prince Regent´ Livevideo zum „Trouble and Their Double Lives“ Release

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Heute bringen die britischen Extreme Metaller ihre erste Livescheibe überhaupt „Trouble and Their Double Lives“ heraus. Und zur Feier des Tages gibt es natürlich einen Liveclip und zwar zum Track `Demon Prince Regent´, einem der zwei neuen Studiotracks auf der Platte.

CRADLE OF FILTH Master Of Ceremonies Dani Filth sagt zu Track und Livealbum:

„The footage for the studio track ‘Demon Prince Regent’ was filmed on the road whilst recently undertaking the co-headline ‘Double Trouble Live’ tour with DevilDriver in the US. The video is a logical visual bridge between airing the second studio track and the actual live album, wherein you also get the luxury of seeing our repugnant faces. As for the album itself, I hope everyone enjoys this cantankerous volley of s(hits) just as much as we enjoyed making them, with songs stolen from Cradle shows from all across the world. And as cliche as it sounds, ‘this album is totally for the fans… Let’s see those f**king horns!!!’“



Disc 1

1 She Is A Fire
2 Heaven Torn Asunder (Live)
3 Blackest Magick In Practice (Live)
4 Honey And Sulphur (Live)
5 Nymphetamine (Fix) (Live)
6 Born In A Burial Gown (Live)
7 Desire in Violent Overture (Live)
8 Bathory Aria (Live)
9 The Death Of Love (Live)

Disc 2

1 Demon Prince Regent
2 Heartbreak And Seance (Live)
3 Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych (Live)
4 The Promise Of Fever (Live)
5 Haunted Shores (Live)
6 Gilded Cunt (Live)
7 Saffron’s Curse (Live)
8 Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) (Live)
9 You Will Know The Lion By His Claw (Live)