You are currently viewing CORELEONI ft. Leo Leoni (Gotthard) – neuer Hardrock: ‚Let Life Begin Tonight‘

CORELEONI ft. Leo Leoni (Gotthard) – neuer Hardrock: ‚Let Life Begin Tonight‘

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Die klassischen Hardrocker CORELEONI rund um Gotthard-Gründungsmitglied und Gitarristen Leo Leoni kündigen ihr drittes, passenderweise „III“ betiteltes neues Album für den 13. Mai an und stellen mit der ersten Single ‚Let Life Begin Tonight‘ gleichzeitig ihren neuen Sänger, der einem gewissen Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG, Lords Of Black) folgt, vor. Eugent Bushpepa wurde in Tirana/Albanien geboren, gewann bereits im zarten Alter von sechs Jahren erste nationale Gesangswettbewerbe und nahm für sein Heimatland 2018 am ESC teil.

Gründer und Gitarrist Leo Leoni sagt:

„With the band and especially with the entry of Eugent, we have made some kind of a new start. Sometimes that’s what life just needs. And it feels great. It’s a bit like setting off for completely new shores, with a lot of emotions and a lot of euphoria.“

Und über den neuen Fronter fügt er hinzu:

„The first time I actually noticed Eugent was at the ESC. I liked his voice right away and I also liked his ESC song. Then when we got into the situation of having to look for a new singer, he immediately came back to my mind and I just contacted him. He was astonished at first and pleased alike. He is a great singer and an amazingly great person. He has an incredible amount of soul and emotion in his voice and his way of making music. That fascinates me a lot and I hope you guys out there as well.“