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CONSTRUCT OF LETHE – Brutal af: `Denial In Abstraction` & `Flickering` Stream

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Die Extreme Death Truppe CONSTRUCT OF LETHE kündigen ihr full length Album ”A Kindness Dealt in Venom” an und streamen dazu den zueinenader gehörigen Doppelpack ` Denial In Abstraction` und  `Flickering` in einem Clip. Neben dem rasenden Gedresche, finden sich bei  der 2016 in Virginia, ins Leben gerufenen Band, auch atmosphärische, technische und experimentelle Parts, die aber den Brutaloeindruck nicht mindern.

CONSTRUCT OF LETHE Gründungsmitlied Tony Petrocelly erklärt:

„With each new album I’ve strived to take the music of Construct of Lethe wherever it needed to go in order to match the atmosphere and intensity of the lyrics. A Kindness Dealt in Venom is a concept album composed as a single piece; the lyrics deal in abjection, rage, depression and suicide, so musically it runs that same gamut. The album is a big leap for us in terms of composition and instrumentation, which is why we’re so glad to be working with Transcending Obscurity. Their commitment to only putting out top tier work and their willingness to take a chance on experimentation within the framework of extreme metal are extremely important to us, so we’re very pleased to sign with them and we can’t wait to release the new album!“