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COLDCELL – Atmospheric Black Metal Outfit mit `Hope And Failure` Video

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Die Schweizer COLDCELL treiben sich seit 2012 mit ihrer düsteren, atmosphärisch dichten und trotzdem auch ordentlich ballernden Variante des Black Metals im Underground herum. Wobei sie am 26.Juli mit “ Age of Unreason“ bereits den fünften Longplayer auf die Menschheit loslassen werden. Einen Ausblick auf die kommende Scheibe mit satten 47 Minuten Länge gibt das Video zu `Hope And Failure`.




we keep waking up into another nightmare

pivoting around (and around) the same thoughts

of a recurring evil

every crisis bleeds into another one


time for sulking and wailing remains in the deathbed

into which one is not straightly born

can we not break free of this pessimistic view

and see to it that we escape this circle

one thing in life is certain

that we are all going to die eventually


preciousness of life lies in its finiteness

time is not to be wasted but cherished

for as long as we may have left

out of calamity thrives sadness

we are condemned to brood about all the negativity we are fed with

fatalism offers no solace

pessimism offers no salvation

and yet we keep contemplating


about roads, we have not taken

choices we made, opportunities we rejected

fantasizing about the end


inspired by the arbitrary misfortune we are facing

we only dream of the worst

in a self fulfilling prophecy


we must allow at least a small portion of hope

it might propel us further into a future unknown

or we have nothing, (nothing) to live for

nothing. ever. again.