You are currently viewing COLDBOUND ft. LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT – Symphonic Death Track `Skies Are Weeping`

COLDBOUND ft. LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT – Symphonic Death Track `Skies Are Weeping`

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Am Wochenende haben COLDBOUND ihre Mischung aus Death Metal Growls, weiblichen Contra-Vocals von LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT veröffentlicht. Die somit entstandenen gleichermaßen harten als auch atmosphärischen Symphonic Death

Klänge, wurden auf den Titel  `Skies Are Weeping`  getauft und als Single veröffentlicht. Den Visualizer könnt ihr hier sehen.





Between a state of despair

and retribution


A solitary soliloquy

Midnight’s reliquary

of thought


The dilemma of existence

is one we’ve only fought for;

All our lives


As the dark veil slowly lifts

Revealing a familiar face…


Facing me

As I’m realizing

the hazy grey light

Reveals our true intentions


Rigid black

The void of silence

Deepen a world of resonance

Crimsoned clad

The void asunder

Calling the act of the hearken


Goodbye to the light

Goodbye to the rain

The numbing shame


Whereʼs my empty world?

Whereʼs my life?

Reaching the end

Whereʼs my grandeur drop?

Whereʼs my life?

Abrade the skies

Whereʼs the emptiness of the heart?

Whereʼs my voice to breach the silence

Where lies the infinite of the world?

Deep inside the voice thatʼs in your heart

The weep of sky


Your words have been so cold

Lost within my soul

We have been fading


The weep of sky


Weeping dark

Hearken the olden

Linger in fear of forgiveness

Darkened cloud

The bridge of illusion

Evoking the infinite slumber


Farewell to the light

Farewell to the rain

What will remain?


Fall like the rain again

Hear my call

Towards the skies Iʼll scream out your name


There’s no answer

When I asked again

Am I so damaged?

You won’t listen?


I am falling into the dark again

This pain untold

Silent words will die within my soul


Burning all the bridges down to hell

Lead me to the edge of weeping skies


The oceans wither within

The rivers swallow your grace

Ravines collapsing

And the skies will turn your tears into dead waves


My worldʼs collapsing / I’m drowning in your voice

Pouring rain from the weeping skies / I’m drowning with no choice