You are currently viewing COBRA SPELL – Neue Videosingle `The Devil Inside of Me`

COBRA SPELL – Neue Videosingle `The Devil Inside of Me`

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Nachdem Sonia Anubis und ihre Hard rockenden Ladies von COBRA SPELL zuletzt mit ihrem `S.E.X.`Video an die Öffentlichkeit gegangen sind, folgt heute die zweite Vorabsingle zu ihrem ersten Longplayer “666“, der ab dem 01. Dezember auf die Old School Hard Rock Fans abzielt.

Sonia Anubis sagt über die Single

 “The Devil Inside of Me speaks about how a girl leaves aside a life oppressed by a religious upbringing. She decides to follow her own path by doing what really makes her happy in life, which is translated in passions that are not common in religious environments. Her family see it as being troubled & lost — when in reality, she is just living her life freely as she is meant to do. She owns her life. Her family distance themselves from her due to her choices. Living a free life has a painfully expensive price sometimes.”