You are currently viewing COBRA SPELL – Erster Song in neuer Besetztung: `Flaming Heart` Video

COBRA SPELL – Erster Song in neuer Besetztung: `Flaming Heart` Video

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Die mittlerweile zur reinen Frauenband mutierten CORBA SPELL präsentieren heute das Video zum ersten Melodic Metal Track, mit 80er Touuch in diesem Line-Up: `Flaming Heart`.

Ex Crypta Gitarristin und Bandkopf Sonia Anubis erklärt zu dem Song:

“The song has a deep personal meaning to me, since it speaks about a feeling that keeps me alive even in the darkest moments. I had to re-write the lyrics completely for that reason. Thankful for the power of music and how it drives me to do what I do, and pulling me through the roughest of paths. This year was not easy for me, if not the hardest and darkest year of my life, it had left a lot of damage that I live with everyday. But this new song is a celebration. A celebration for having been able to pull through and being able to look into the future. I will never stop working towards my dreams, as hard as it is to put the past behind me, dreams is what keeps me going —  I don’t know if I would be alive if I didn’t have them. Thank you, music.

And oh damn, I am literally crying while writing this now cause it something that makes me very emotional. Whenever I think about how much music helped me to pull through so many difficult moments, and the fact that I am still alive, pushing my band forward 24/7 of my time and releasing a new song that I composed and wrote that speaks about how to move on instead of the past pain. I hope it helps people to push forward instead of giving up.  For me it was therapeutic”

Die Videopremiere startet um 15:30 CEST.