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CIRITH UNGOL – Zurück mit `Velocity (S.E.P.)´ und „Dark Parade“ Album

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Bereits seit Anfang der 70er Jahre treiben die Kalifornier CIRITH UNGOL ihr Unwesen im Heavy Metal Underground mit ihrem exzentrischen, epischen, dunklen Sound. Nach dem 2020er Studiocomeback „Forever Black“ wurde nun die nächste Langrille „Dark Parade“ für den 20. Oktober angekündigt. Die erste Auskopplung, der kompakte Albumopener, trägt den Titel `Velocity (S.E.P.)´.

“Band members lost close relatives and we struggled as best we could through the pandemic which ravaged the earth’s population and economies. As horrifying as it was, it was the perfect backdrop for our doom-laden message of a world on the edge of destruction.”, so Drummer Rob Garven.

Und Gitarrist Jimmy Barraza erklärt:

“While talking with [vocalist] Tim [Baker] and Rob about what kind of song was needed, a decision was made to stop doing the galloping chugs, as done many times on previous albums, and start doing down-picking chugs while keeping some sort of tie to the CIRITH UNGOL sound. Straying toward a Sabbath or Priest vibe is not far off and happens subconsciously. It’s about what happens when we sell that which we hold dear,” Baker notes. “Our soul — if such a thing exists — our dignity, pride, and whatever else we have that will help seal the deal in an endless pursuit of money, power, glory and dominion over others.”