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CHEZ KANE – Trackpremiere für ‚Powerzone‘

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CHEZ KANE, die Powerfrau mit dem 80er Jahre Rocksound ist mit einer komplett neuen Single namens `Powerzone‘ schon wieder mit neuem Material zurück. Damit gibt sie uns ein Preview auf die zweite Scheibe, deren Produktion wohl in den letzten Zügen liegt.

CHEZ erzählt:

„I’m back to it with album #2 in the works and I could not be happier! Danny Rexon and I have taken it up a notch and we are so excited to give you guys a sneak peek of my second album with my brand-new single, ‚Powerzone‘. This song gave me the chills during the recording process. I really hope you guys feel the power in this song as much as I do,“



Do you feel like the walls closing in

And you don’t know which way to go

You’re on the brink of walking away

From all you’ve been fighting for (oh yeah)


Pre-Chorus 1

They say it’s a dream you must give up

You’re lost on the wrong side of time

But I have no hope for tomorrow

If I can’t make the future mine



I’ve been standing on the edges of the powerzone – Outside and looking in

Just waiting for a chance to meet the great unknown – Oh, oh, oh

I’m stranded on the edges of the powerzone – Holding on to a dream

I’m feeling like the waiting’s gone on far too long

Now I’m ready to go into the powerzone


Verse 2

Do you feel like it’s never enough

Like you’re always two minutes too late

You tell yourself you’ve done all you can

Now it’s up to the hands of fate – They tell ya’


Pre-Chorus 2

It’s all just a dream – Better wake up

‘Cause you’re only wasting your time

But how can I look back tomorrow

If I never gave it a try


Pre-Chorus 3

They say it’s a dream – Better wake up

It’s all just a waste of time

Well I’m livin’ on the hope for tomorrow

So I’m gonna’ hold the line