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CHEZ KANE – Back to the 80ies Rock: ’Rocket On The Radio’ Single

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’Rocket On The Radio’ ist die zweite Single aus dem schlicht CHEZ KANE genannten Debüt der Rocksängerin.  Gemeinsam arbeitete sie mit Danny Rexon von Crazy Lixx an den Songs und herausgekommen ist unter anderem ’Rocket On The Radio’ und die erste Auskopplung ‘Too Late For Love’.

CHEZ:“I feel so excited to have been asked to collaborate with Danny for a solo album. The second I heard the music, I instantly knew it was for me and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to launch my solo career this way. I am so humbled to have Frontiers on board. This is going to be killer and I can’t wait!”

Der so gelobte Danny Rxon ergänzt:

“I’ve long felt that the contemporary melodic rock scene is missing an important piece of what I think made the genre, at least to some extent, so great in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and that is the quintessential female rocker. There are tons of bands in the melodic rock genre, but I feel like we’re missing that great female solo artist singing hard rock. A kind of Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, or Robin Beck for the new decade. So, the mission was clear to me from day one: Give the fans a female rocker that will remind them of the powerful rock anthems of the past. Having found Chez and discovering the potential in her voice, I have great faith in this endeavour and no doubt that this album will resonate well with fans both of my own band, Crazy Lixx and of the retro melodic rock genre at large. … If you’re a fan of my stuff with Crazy Lixx, I bet you’ll enjoy the Chez Kane album too”