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CATHUBODUA – Symphonic Metal Act stellt folkiges `Foretelling` Video vor

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Mit ihrem anstehenden Album, “Interbellum“, wollen CATHUBODUA, die Symphonic Metal Fans erobern.  Das Album wird am 23. Februar der Nachfolger der 2016 erschienen Debüt EP der Belgier. Zur ersten Singleauskopplung `Foretelling` ist heute das Musikvideo online gegangen.

Sängerin Sara Vanderheyden schreibt über die Single:

Foretelling” tells the tale of the Prophecies of Badb, a Celtic war goddess related to Cathubodua. She prophesied the end of the world, every evil that would take place and the gradual descent of humanity into oblivion and sin. The song invites you to drink along with us as we see our world decay into an infertile wasteland. We proudly use and exploit the earth and people around us while we celebrate our own gains.

Musically and structurally the song is accompanied by parts of the ancient prophecy in the acoustic intro – only to explode in the victorious chorus, during which the choir chants along. It stands as an ironic battle hymn, exalting our current triumphs, yet the question lingers: at what cost? Our instrumentalists take center stage, delivering exhilarating solos that elevate the positive ambiance leading into the final chorus. The orchestrations of “Foretelling” blend the contemporary with the traditional, incorporating low whistles and uilleann pipes, rendering a folk-infused, homely feeling.“



“Interbellum“ Trackliste:

  1. Effigy Of Aftermath
  2. Foretelling
  3. Will Unbroken
  4. Amidst Gods
  5. The Mirror
  6. Goddess Fallacy



Photo Credit: Vincent Dark