You are currently viewing CATEGORY 7 (Machine Head, Exodus, Overkill Member) – Erste Single `In Stitches´ der neuen Truppe um John Bush ist da

CATEGORY 7 (Machine Head, Exodus, Overkill Member) – Erste Single `In Stitches´ der neuen Truppe um John Bush ist da

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CATEGORY 7 sind ein brandneues Heavy Metal Outfit mit einem beeindruckenden All-Star Lineup aus John Bush (Armored Saint, Anthrax), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob, Sonic Universe, Noturnall), Phil Demmel (Machine Head, Kerry King, Vio-Lence), Jack Gibson (Exodus) und Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Overkill). Die selbstbetitelte Debütscheibe kommt am 26. Juli auf den Markt. Leadsingle und Albumopener`In Stitches´ tönt schonmal ziemlich druckvoll, metallisch und typisch Bush aus den Boxen.

Phil Demmel über den Stempel „Supergroup“:

“I think we’re pretty super. Really, I feel like this is a band, not a side project. And I feel like we have written this incredible piece of music, and we’re not done. I’m so proud of the way this came together and the people who were involved. And I think we all feel super positive about this and what else we can do with it going forward.”

Gitarrist und Hauptsongwriter Mike Orlando erklärt:

“It’s all about big verses and big songs, and it has a lot of the elements we’ve explored in our other bands. It gets heavy, it’s thrashy at times, but it opens up in the verses, and then the double-bass drums come in and knock you off your chair, but in a great way.”

John Bush ergänzt:

“I read an article on an unhoused pregnant woman named Stitches who resided in Los Angeles obviously living a very difficult life that was compounded by mental illness and drug abuse. The encampment situation in my beloved city drives me bats. I balance between serious empathy and complete anger. The combination of imagining her life as well as my own internal turmoil led me to an almost humorous insanity state while writing this scathing album opener.”


When the truth is sought
I’m becoming more distraught
Wounds are re-opening
A daily dose of hustling – Hustle

Dig and scratch and claw
Oblivious to all
Human cockroach
Peddle in the streets
Filth upon my feet
Strongly advise, you think twice, to approach

Sudden stabbing pain
Fry – like Salem witches
My constant loss is not your gain
Think fast
I’ll have you in stitches

In stitches
In stitches

Forget all my past
Ruined by volcanic ash
Always scour every sore
Giving birth to even more – more

Dig and scratch and claw
People stand in awe
Human guinea pig
Peddle in the streets
Garbage there to eat
Strongly advise, don’t ignite, the powder keg

Sudden stabbing pain
Burn – like Salem witches
My decline is not your gain
It’s funny
I’ll have you in stitches