You are currently viewing CARNATION – „Cursed Mortality“ Full Album Stream der OS Death Band

CARNATION – „Cursed Mortality“ Full Album Stream der OS Death Band

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Belgiens seit zehn Jahren umtriebiges Death Metal Outfit CARNATION stellt einen Tag vor der offiziellen Veröffentlichung ihres „Cursed Mortality“ Longplayers (am 03. November) die recht abwechslungsreiche dritte Scheibe im Full Album Stream vor.

CARNATION schreiben

„Finally, after two years of hard work and unwavering commitment, the release date for our third album ‚Cursed Mortality‘ has arrived“, says Carnation. „We’ve been anticipating this moment for many months, and we can’t emphasize enough how excited we are to release this album. We hope we were able to strike a balance between our strong death metal foundation and the new progressive elements that we’ve added as a result of our evolution as artists. This record has been a labor of love for us, and we are genuinely curious about its reception. Most importantly, we would like to thank all the fans, press contacts, promoters, Season of Mist, District 19, and everyone else that we had the pleasure of working with to create this album. Cheers!“



1.Herald of Demise feat. Andy LaRocque of King Diamond (00:00)

2.Maruta (4:03)

3.Metropolis (8:11)

4.Replicant (11:36)

5.Dutroux  (15:25)

6.Submerged in Deafening Silence (19:13)

7.Cycle of Suffering (23:39)

8.Cursed Mortality (27:45)