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CARCOLH – Schwärzester Doom: ’Works Of Death’

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Fett und brachial kommt der Sound von CARCOLH aus den Boxen und verbindet Doom mit der bösartigen Stimmung von Black Metal. Das Album der Franzosen „The Life And Works Of Death“ erscheint heute, in einem Monat. Also am 15. Februar. Hier die erste Auskopplung ’Works Of Death’.

 „Works Of Death is the 1st single from the album, whose lyrics are inspired by the blood books of Clive Barker as well as the fantastic tales of Maupassant and Edgar Poe. Death plays the central role and reveals their work. The musical heritage of Count Raven or The Gates of Slumber is tinged here with more traditional Heavy as well as atmospheres borrowed from Black Metal.“