You are currently viewing CANNIBAL CORPSE – `Blood Blind` Video vom neuen Album “Chaos Horrific”

CANNIBAL CORPSE – `Blood Blind` Video vom neuen Album “Chaos Horrific”

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Unser aller Lieblingsschlächter CANNIBAL CORPSE lassen gerade ihre erste Single `Blood Blind` vom neuen Album “Chaos Horrific” als Video auf die Menschheit los. Der Erscheinungstermin des 16. Studioalbums ist der 22. September.

Erik Rutan schreibt dazu:

„Blood Blind“ was the first song musically that I wrote for the new album „Chaos Horrific“. It all started with that funeral march of a first riff floating around in my head and it took off from there. Heavy and disturbing, it worked it’s way into an aggressive smorgasbord of depth and swirling darkness! I thought it would be great to collaborate with Paul and have him write lyrics adding to the dynamics and sickness of it all…“

Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz ergänzt:

„Blood Blind is about mass mutilations to reset the human race in a genocide that was embraced by the masses.“