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CANDLEMASS – Doom Meister veröffentlichen `Scandinavian Gods`

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Am 18. November  werden die Doomfans weltweit feiern dürfen, denn das ist das jetzt bekannt gegebene Erscheinungsdatum für das neue CANDLEMASS Album, namens “Sweet Evil Sun“ an dem die Band 18 Monate gearbeitet hat. Anlässlich der Nachricht, veröffentlichen die Schweden auch gleich den ersten Track als animiertes Video.

Leif Edling meint zum Track sehr selbstbewusst:

“’Scandinavian Gods‘ is Slayer meets Queen and Judas Priest! It’s about heritage and future and the fact that It is sometimes absolutely necessary to leave or at least doubt your old gods. It’s about the hardship in this, and the irony in the fact that you see yourself being drawn back to them over and over again, into these black circles and the forgetfulness of the past. Where do we wanna be? What shall we believe in? Do we need them to build a better future?”

Und schürt die Vorfreude auf die Scheibe:

“Sweet Evil Sun is about hope, striving, adoration and failure. It’s about all the personal battles that you have, but also the never-ending decay of humanity. The record took over a year to make and there’s not a bad track on it! We had a fantastic time recording it and are really looking forward to the release. It’s Doom, It’s Metal! It is the essence of CANDLEMASS put into one album!”



“Sweet Evil Sun” Trackliste:

  1. Wizard Of The Vortex
  2. Sweet Evil Sun
  3. Angel Battle
  4. Black Butterfly
  5. When Death Sighs
  6. Scandinavian Gods
  7. Devil Voodoo
  8. Crucified
  9. Goddess
  10. A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)