You are currently viewing CALICO JACK –  Todes-Piraten besingen die Rache: `Queen Anne’s Revenge` Video

CALICO JACK – Todes-Piraten besingen die Rache: `Queen Anne’s Revenge` Video

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Die Freibeuter von CALICO JACK mischen Death und Folk Metal zu ihrer eigenen metallischen Suppe, die sie demnächst auf dem Zweitwerk „Isla de la Muerte“ verbreiten. Dafür verspricht die Band mehr Härte und gibt mit `Queen Anne’s Revenge` einen ersten Einblick in das Album. Erscheinungstermin des Longplayers ist der 30. Juni.

Die Band erzählt:

„If you play pirate metal, you can’t help but fill the stage with bandanas, chests, skulls, cutlasses, and pistols. We are arranging to bring real parrots and cannonballs on stage, but we are meeting some resistance from animal welfare and pacifist associations… Aesthetics aside, our live shows are notorious for creating absolute chaos above and below the stage, so it is not advisable to attend one of our concerts if you are looking for meditative and intellectual listening. We also hold the record of never having played sober since the beginning of our career, and we offer unlimited drinks to any fan who asks!

Queen Anne’s Revenge‘ is one of the first songs we wrote for ‚Isla de la Muerte‘, completed already a few years ago, and we played it live several times getting great feedback. It is perhaps the track most similar to the style of our first album, with a dark and evil atmosphere that pays homage to the style of Finntroll more than in the other tracks. On the cursed melody of the refrain, Giò, our captain, narrates the terror that Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s legendary ship, arouses in all those who only hear of her. In the lyric video accompanying the single, some of the most famous maritime artwork from the 1700s and 1800s is shown, with dark and belligerent scenes depicted.“



1 – Broadside Attack (07:24)

2 – Isla de la Muerte (10:32)

3 – Bad Fortune (05:02)

4 – Antigua (06:25)

5 – Three Cheers to the Shanty Man (04:30)

6 – Marauder (04:37)

7 – Queen Anne’s Revenge (06:08)

8 – Haul Away Joe (03:31)

9 – Sandokan (15:47)