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CAGE FIGHT – Hardcore-Thrasher liefern `Respect Ends` Video

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TesseracT Gitarrist James Monteith und die ehemalige Eths Frontfrau Rachel Aspe bilden das Rückgrat der UK Thrash/Hardcore Crossover Band CAGE FIGHT. Die neue Single `Respect Ends` ist eine verdammt ernst gemeinte Warnung an alle, die andere ausbeuten oder missbrauchen, und eine moderne, aggressive Angelegenheit wie bereits ‘Hope Castrated‘.

Die Sängerin erklärt:

„This song is dedicated to men (or in fact anyone) who thinks it’s ok to harass, abuse, make inappropriate comments, or not take no for an answer, both in the real world but also online. It’s also a message of solidarity to those who have been victims of such behavior. The video is symbolic of the frustration and damage this can cause, and it’s something we, as a society, should not and will not accept. The final message is clear. If this is how you behave, stay the f**k away. Otherwise, you will regret it.“