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CADAVERIC FUMES – ‘Echoing Chambers of Soul‘ Full Album Stream

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Die seit zehn Jahren bestehenden Franzosen CADAVERIC FUMES haben sich ihrer eigene Art Death Metal zusammengestellt und stellen heute über den “Death Metal Promotion“ Kanal ihr Debüt und gleichzeitig letztes Album ‘Echoing Chambers of Soul‘ vor, da die Band sich aufgrund der berühmten persönlichen Differenzen offenbar bereits offiziell aufgelöst hat.

Die Stellungnahme der Band lautet:

„It has been five years long wandering. Five years of efforts trying to reinvent our sound, searching for a meaning to keep on playing this beloved genre of music. Through sweat and blood. This meant experimentations, lineup restructuration, songs written then thrown in the bin, exhaustion.
But here we are. Ten years after the inception of the band, it’s here. Our debut and final album, Echoing Chambers of Soul. We dreamt this record for a long, long time. Burning ourselves into it until we burn the band itself. But the result is our biggest pride, and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do.“





  1. Exordium 00:00
  2. The Stirring Unknown 02:13
  3. A Desolate Breed 06:44
  4. Waters of Absu 12:58
  5. The Engulfed Sepulcher 15:42
  6. In Cold Astral Sleep 20:42
  7. Voidgazers 25:19