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BURNED IN EFFIGY – ‘Nightfall’ Single

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Eine abwechslungsreiche Mixtur aus good old dirty Rock’n Roll, Death Vocals und Black Metal Einsprengseln sowie eine dunkel folkige Melodieführung bieten BURNED IN EFFIGY aus Chicago an. Für etwas open-minded Metaller: das Album des Quintetts, “Rex Mortem“  erreicht uns am 22. Januar.

Bassist Matt Watkins erklärt uns zur ‘Nightfall’ Single:

“Nightfall is a song we’ve been playing since the inception of the band and we felt it needed to be re-recorded for this album with vocals. Though we’ve progressed our songwriting and technicality since writing it and first recording it in 2017, this song has been a cornerstone of our sound. We experimented with multiple different styles with some songs that were written after Nightfall, but kept coming back to that neo-classical, dark sound. The lyrical themes of Dracula along with Smedy’s vocals fit right in with the mood of the song and inspired us to do a lyric video incorporating scenes from Nosferatu.”