You are currently viewing BRYMIR – Melodic Death im `Voices In The Sky´ Track/Video

BRYMIR – Melodic Death im `Voices In The Sky´ Track/Video

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Das Melodic Death Metal Outfit BRYMIR präsentiert die erste Auskopplung und damit gleichzeitig den Titeltrack aus ihrer kommenden Scheibe im Clip. „Voices In The Sky“, das vierte Studioalbum der Finnen, wird dann am 26. August erscheinen.

Sänger Viktor Gullichsen über Longplayer und erste Single:

“Even in the darkest times of despair, the songs and sounds we cherish can help us light our way through the night. For us, writing the album Voices In The Sky served this purpose during the past trying years. It let us imagine how it would feel to be back on the road, touring alongside our friends and our idols. As performing live is one of our driving forces, we eventually began to feel powerless without being able to do it. This is especially apparent in the lyrics for the title track. It is a song about ambition forged in frustration and longing. About a desire for the validation an artist so often needs to fuel the endless pursuit of expression and accomplishment – especially the kind of validation we only can find in club full of roaring metalheads, reacting to our music. Even many other songs tell of travel, discovery and conquest. I wonder why…“


1. Voices in the Sky
2. Forged in War
3. Fly With Me
4. Herald of Aegir
5. Rift Between Us
6. Borderland
7. Landfall
8. Far From Home
9. Seeds of Downfall
10. All As One
11. Diabolis Interium (Dark Funeral cover)