You are currently viewing BREED77 zurück aus der Versenkung – ‘A Matter Of Time’ in Akustikversion

BREED77 zurück aus der Versenkung – ‘A Matter Of Time’ in Akustikversion

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Mit dem Clip zu ‘A Matter Of Time’ melden sich die Metaller, die schon Flamenco und orientalische Klänge in ihre Musik einfließen ließen wieder zurück Ganze acht Jahre nach ihrem letzten Album „The Evil Inside“ zeigen die damals hoch gelobten BREED77 ihre akustische Seite.

Dazu gibt es folgendes Statement seitens der Band:

“Hello friends, brothers and sisters of the internet, it has not been easy maintaining the radio silence these past days – we were going to post a lockdown video we’d got together (virtually) for, but this announcement has turned into something else, we have decided to get the band back together!! We have realised how much we miss making music together and we feel this is the right time to wake the beast from it’s slumber… The world has changed immeasurably since we were last active so we have a lot of work ahead of us – this ugly pandemic has ensured that the next year will mostly be concert-free – this will give us time to start creating again, we will have new music coming for sure but we will also start creating all sorts of content for this new world – hopefully connecting us even more to you guys out there, who we do all this for….so make sure you head over to our youtube channel and subscribe – this will be the home of all sorts of live streams, video exclusives and more! Now we leave you with this very special acoustic version of A Matter Of Time from Cultura recorded live during lockdown with thousands of miles between us. Start the buzz going, wake up the dorment B77 fans, share, share, share…and tell all your friends….WE’RE BACK!!“