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BRAINSTORM ft. Seeb Levermann – ‚Turn Off The Light‘ ist raus

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Zwei große Namen machen auf dem nächsten Track der neuen, für den 17. September geplanten BRAINSTORM-Scheibe „Wall Of Skulls“ gemeinsame Sache. Kein Geringerer als Orden Ogan-Frontmann Seeb Levermann, der auch für Produktion und Mastering des Longplayers verantwortlich zeichnet, verstärkt das Quintett für die Auskopplung ‚Turn Off The Light‘.

Seeb über Platte und Zusammenarbeit:

“For me, „Wall of Skulls“ is the best brainstorm album until now. 10 + 1 hits and an Andy B. Franck in top form. We also went the extra mile on the extra mile with production, mix and master, which you can clearly hear on the disc.”



You lost your mind, your common sense, obtain your ignorance,

a second of your time and we’ll come closer to the end;

twisting together a crown of thorns,

building strength from what’s inside, prevent your suicide


Inside the vault, you’re down the drain,

got nothing left to fear

Inside the walls there’s no despair,

But when we’re gone, you’re locked inside…

I’ll turn off the light


Stacking up the walls that hide your feelings from within,

I hope that when we find the key you know where to begin,

connecting together the sound of horns

now see the grin behind my face, like a serpent of disgrace


I know how sorrow creeps when there’s temptation all around,

how can I see it all again, we’re on a journey to the end…