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BORNHOLM – Neue Single: ‘Spiritual Warfare’

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Die ungarischen Black bzw. Pagan Metalhaeds BORNHOLM sind nach über zwanzig Jahren keine Unbekannten mehr. Heute präsentiert die Band die zweite Single ‘Spiritual Warfare’ vom kommenden fünften Studioalbum ”Apotheosis“, das am 05. November erscheint. Der Track wirkt fast melodisch, weben BORNHOLM doch Pagan und Folk in ihren Black Metal Teppich ein.

BORNHOLMs Guitarrtist und  Vokalist Sahsnot über ‘Spiritual Warfare’:

„This song is a special song for me, in addition to hitherto unusual musical solutions, it also displays a lyrical apocalyptic vision. It contains biblical references, abstract visions, ritual magic. Behind the scenes of the physical world, warfare always takes place primarily among spiritual forces, which is the real driving force behind. This causes changes in the visible world. Which side is which is not so clear-cut, whether there are any sides at all or just one will. While it’s not a fast track, it still has the fastest part on the album. The cover painting is my work, just like all the visuals related to the album, it was brought to life greatly.“