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BORKNAGAR – `The Wild Lingers´ Song und Video zur Albumveröffentlichung

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Heute veröffentlichen die norwegischen Post Black Metaller BORKNAGAR ihren neuen Longplayer „Fall„. Zum Release präsentiert die Band die Single `The Wild Lingers´ samt Video. Zuvor hatten die Prog/Viking/Folk Metal Pioniere bereits den Track `Moon´, den Albumopener `Summits´ sowie `Nordic Anthem` ausgekoppelt.



The wild lingers, in the tapestry of time,
Where nature’s wonder slowly does unfold,
See lands adrift, their grand, unbroken rhyme,
As seas, their waves, sing mourning tales of cold.

The wild lingers, in ancient forests grand,
Ripe with the stories only trees can hold,
Their gnarled branches curl like ageless hands,
Their wisdom deep in roots both strong and old.

The wild lingers, an ageless melody,
On wings of leaves, speaks so eloquently.
Within the tapestry threads interlace,
Guiding us to nature’s soft embrace.

For in these hidden realms, where wisdom sleeps,
We find ourselves with wildness intertwined.
So let us listen now, with soul and mind,
To songs of history from primeval deeps.

The orchestra of life plays sacred tunes,
Through rustling leaves and sunlight’s golden runes.
Undying howls of beasts, both great and small,
Each adding voices to the forest’s call.
In the embrace of green, where time stands still,
Immerse ourselves in nature’s sound we will