You are currently viewing BONFIRE – `Freedom Is My Belief` Charity Single im Video

BONFIRE – `Freedom Is My Belief` Charity Single im Video

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Die Hard Rock Veteranen BONFIRE begehen heute die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Songs `Freedom Is My Belief` vom kommenden “Point Blank MMXXIII“ Album.  Damit verfolgen sie einen guten Zweck: In Kooperation mit dem Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e. V., finanzieren BONFIRE mit den Einnahmen das  „Farba project“ um traumatisierten Kindern und Jugendlichen aus der Ukraine schnell zu helfen.

BONFIRE Gitarrist und Gründungsmitglied Hans Ziller erklärt die Aktion :

„Ever since Russia’s terrible war of aggression in Ukraine started, I’ve been thinking again and again – how can we, Bonfire, help. In fact, it can only be the innocent children who need our help. I have been in contact with the Johanniter, who take care of children traumatized by war, for a long time. While recording our song Freedom Is My belief, I had the idea of ​​having these children sing along in the chorus. I think, every day that distracts you from this war can help in some way. We just wanted to give these kids 2 nice days.“

What does it take to live

under clear blue skies

Freedom is my belief

For you I die

„I did a casting at the refugee camp with the kids. Partly they are half- or full orphans. Many are accompanied by their mothers or grandparents. There are almost no men here.“ Ziller continues. „I heard terrible stories via the interpreters. And every day Ukraine keeps being under massive attacks of hundreds of rockets and bombs. But everyone is so grateful that we are helping the people of Ukraine. Many have lost loved ones. But it has to go further, and most important is, that peace finally prevails, so they can return to their homeland.

The enthusiasm was huge that the kids could participate in our video. I chose 20 children who sang along in our studio. We picked them up at the facilities with Harley biker gang, the Wolfmen, who brought them to our studio. Over here, we recorded the chorus of Freedom together with the kids.“

Für die Einnahmen garantiert er:

They will be handed over by me personally. So please download the song, and share and stream the video as often as possible! The kids will thank you.“

Spenden könnt ihr hier.

Spendenkonto bei der Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

IBAN: DE49 3702 0500 0004 3044 01


Password: FREEDOM

„We would like to thank you very much in the name of all children and young people who had to flee from Ukraine. We Johanniter, have been caring for the refugees in initial reception facilities 24/7 since February 2022. It quickly became clear that the war will unfortunately last longer and we have to help the children and young people in the long term.“